Problem: Information Overload

  1. Can't find information on your team's PC, servers, and cloud providers? 
  2. Performing costly rework because you were not aware of revisions your team made to files?
  3. Managing in the dark because you are unable to anticipate bottlenecks and improve workflows?

Solution: Information Intelligence

  1. Files relevant to your current task automatically appear at your fingertips — no matter where they’re stored.
  2. Just-in-time alerts let you know which of your team’s revisions impact your work now.
  3. Collaboration analytics provide managers with reports to assess productivity and avoid delays caused by information bottlenecks.

Intelligence on Top of Information Management =PROFITS

Increase profits by:

  • Saving time with less searching and less rework.
  • More accurate bids with data-driven resource planning.
  • Win more work by quantifying the advantage of your collaborative process.
  • On-time, on-budget projects by anticipating coordination problems.
  • Reduced risk of claims by quickly finding root causes of errors.